Honor your guests by providing a high quality tour experience. A tour guide system ensures your guests can hear your message, even in noisy or crowded environments.

Whether you’re speaking to corporate executives, journalists, or tourists, everyone today has influence. Make sure they leave your tour feeling engaged and informed. Whether they report back to colleagues, friends, or the world wide web, you want them to be talking about your message and your professionalism—not their frustration!

You have a huge opportunity to show off your world class operation—don’t miss out with poor delivery. Take advantage of a reliable tour guide system with best-in-class sound. We provide reliable, high-quality equipment and dedicated customer service so you can make a great impression…every tour, every word.

Wireless Tour Systems

Take Back Your Tour. Plants are noisy. Meanwhile, your tour guide is one part comedian, one part pitchman, and a whole case of fascinating information. Make sure everyone gets the message with crystal clear audio. Whether you’re showing your facility to potential partners or the general public, a tour guide audio system

Two-Way Tour Systems

Communication Can Go Both Ways. Two-way tour guide systems are designed for interactive tours and team collaboration. With two-way systems, guests can push a button on their receiver/transmitter to ask a question or interact with other tour members. You can even lead a tour with multiple guides. Two-way tour systems are ideal

Training Tour Systems

Keep Employees Focused and Engaged. When it comes to employee training, you have an important message to share and every word counts. Make sure they understand by providing the proper audio tour equipment. These easy-to-use, portable devices help keep employees focused and engaged in important orientations and instructions. What’s more, you’ll reduce

Tourism Tour Systems

Stop the Yelling. Nothing spoils a trip outing like not being able to hear the tour guide. With audio tour equipment, you provide the best possible experience for your guests. And you ensure they’ll leave your tour talking…about your great tour company! With an audio tour system, you can stop the yelling.

Assistive Listening

Assistive Listening

Accommodate The Hearing-Impaired. When it comes to visiting your facility, everyone deserves an exceptional listening experience. Though many guests may suffice with a standard sound system, there are still a handful of people in every group who are in need of an enhanced auditory experience. Hearing loss impacts society in numerous ways

Rental Tour Systems

Rental Tour Systems

Amplify Your Next Company Tour or Event. Whether it is a site visit, customer meeting, or a trade show, facility tours have become an excellent marketing technique for companies to show off their business practices. During these tours your message is important, and providing your guests with high-quality listening equipment is one


Assisted Reality Wearables

Ideal for industrial and/or mobile environments, RealWear makes it easy for teams to communicate  and follow digital workflow. Applications include service, training, site walks, and accessing digital workflow processes. Device options include the standard HMT-1 and the intrinsically safe HMT-1Z1®.