Two-Way Tour Systems

Communication Can Go Both Ways.

Two-way tour guide systems are designed for interactive tours and team collaboration. With two-way systems, guests can push a button on their receiver/transmitter to ask a question or interact with other tour members. You can even lead a tour with multiple guides.

Two-way tour systems are ideal for management teams, engineering workgroups, and customer prospect tours in noisy environments. You’ll improve tour safety, reduce ambient noise, and hold sensitive discussions at a quieter, conversation level.

Depending on your needs, we often recommend the Listen Technologies ListenTALK or Williams Sound Digi-wave system for two-way audio capabilities combined with easy setup and operation. A tour guide system that encourages collaboration, these are the leading solutions for guided plant tours and employee training with two-way communication.

What you get with TourGuide Solutions two-way tour systems.

  • Lightweight, hands-free audio transmitters
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • User controlled volume
  • Multi-channel
  • Up to four tour guides
  • Two-way conversations
  • Audio security with encryption, PIN codes, and frequency-hopping technology