Assistive Listening

Accommodate The Hearing-Impaired.

When it comes to visiting your facility, everyone deserves an exceptional listening experience. Though many guests may suffice with a standard sound system, there are still a handful of people in every group who are in need of an enhanced auditory experience.

Hearing loss impacts society in numerous ways and recent statistics show that 17% of the US population is hearing-impaired to some degree. With hearing loss on the rise, assistive listening products have become a go-to solution for those with varying degrees of hearing impairment. Common sound problems caused by distance, background noise, reverberation, or poor room acoustics can be solved with the help of assistive listening products.

TourGuide Solutions provides all-in-one, mobile solutions equipped with assistive listening options and accessories. Our assistive listening technologies include RF systems with neck-loop receiver options. RF systems operate similarly to radios through the use of a transmitter and receiver. The transmitter sends sound from the guide or instructor, which can then be heard through headphones or earbuds of the person who is listening. Hearing aid users may utilize the neck-loop receiver if they have a t-coil.

Our assistive listening customers vary, but the most common industries we serve include manufacturing, higher education, public entertainment, houses of worship, and event planning and coordinating. Depending on the needs of the customer, we offer solutions including the Sennheiser 2020, TGS-900, Williams Sound Digi-Wave, and ListenTALK systems. All solutions meet ADA requirements and are equipped with stereo headphones and neck-loop options.

What You Get With TourGuide Solutions Assistive Listening Service:

  • Portable system – no installation necessary
  • Hearing aid users can use a neck-loop/receiver if they have a t-coil
  • One-way or Two-way communication options
  • Multiple channels can be used for multiple groups or interpretation
  • No license requirement