Tourism Tour Systems

Stop the Yelling.

Nothing spoils a trip outing like not being able to hear the tour guide. With audio tour equipment, you provide the best possible experience for your guests. And you ensure they’ll leave your tour talking…about your great tour company!

With an audio tour system, you can stop the yelling. Protect your voice and your tour destination by keeping your tour talks at a comfortable, conversation level. Plus, your guests will stay engaged (and close by) when you capture their attention with clear, crisp audio.

Frequent, overlapping tour groups? With the TGS-900 system, you can operate multiple tours in the same area, simultaneously, without interference or cross-talk.

What you get with TourGuide Solutions:

  • Lightweight, hands-free audio transmitters
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • User controlled volume
  • Multi-channel
  • Host overlapping tour groups without cross-talk
  • Offer simultaneous language translation
  • Carrying case with charger