Training Tour Systems

Keep Employees Focused and Engaged.

When it comes to employee training, you have an important message to share and every word counts. Make sure they understand by providing the proper audio tour equipment. These easy-to-use, portable devices help keep employees focused and engaged in important orientations and instructions.

What’s more, you’ll reduce ambient noise in the workplace and improve overall safety—particularly important in warehouse and industrial training environments.

For ongoing or seasonal employee training, we often recommend the one-way TGS-900 system or the two-way Listen Technologies system. These are both easy-to-use, budget-friendly options if you have large groups.

What you get with TourGuide Solutions:

  • Lightweight, hands-free audio transmitters
  • Easy to use and maintain
  • User controlled volume
  • Multi-channel
  • Host overlapping tour groups without cross-talk
  • Offer simultaneous language translation
  • Carrying case with charger