Wireless Tour Systems

Take Back Your Tour.

Plants are noisy. Meanwhile, your tour guide is one part comedian, one part pitchman, and a whole case of fascinating information. Make sure everyone gets the message with crystal clear audio.

Whether you’re showing your facility to potential partners or the general public, a tour guide audio system is an essential part of your efforts. Start conversations, entice new customers, and build lasting relationships.

Depending on your needs, we often recommend the Sennheiser Tour Guide 2020 system for its best-in-class sound combined with easy setup and operation. A completely wireless tour guide system, this is the leading solution for plant tour headsets with one-way communication.

What you get with TourGuide Solutions:

  • Lightweight, hands-free audio transmitters
  • Extremely reliable and easy to use
  • User controlled volume
  • Multi-channel
  • No cross-talk or interference