Make your next tour an experience to remember. With TourGuide Solutions, your tour group will hear every word, in crystal clear audio. No yelling. No confusion. Just excellent sound.

Whether you’re walking through a noisy plant or touring a historic neighborhood, our tour guide systems will boost tour engagement. We offer four distinct tour guide systems designed for a range of audience and organizational needs.

No matter which tour system you choose, we understand that reliability and ease-of-use are of utmost importance. TourGuide Solutions provides durable, intuitive devices that work right out of the box. Not sure what you need? Just call 877-204-0225, and we’ll talk you through the options.

We offer both purchase and rental packages with service across North America.

Sennheiser 2020 Tour Systems

Amplify Your Brand. The Sennheiser 2020 is the industry’s highest performance guided tour system. With its incomparable sound quality and ease of use, the Sennheiser 2020 is the solution to choose when you absolutely must have reliable, turnkey tour communication. Designed for simple, intuitive operation, this tour system is ready to go,

Williams Sound Tour Systems

Everyone Gets a Voice. Choose Digi-Wave 4.0 from Williams Sound when you need two-way, collaborative communication. With Digi-Wave, your tour can be led by up to two guides or interpreters. Plus, guests can ask a question or interact with other tour members with just the push of a button. Stop yelling. The

TGS-900 Tour Guide Systems

Tours Worth Talking About. Make your next tour an experience to remember. Your audience will hear every word, in crystal clear audio. The TGS-900 is our go-to solution for travel tours, brewery tours, and other leisure market factory tours. If tours are your business, this is the portable tour solution for you.

ListenTALK Tour Systems

A Simple & Flexible Solution for Mobile Collaboration. Create an engaging, interactive experience for your next event or training session. Our newly launched ListenTALK system from Listen Technologies is a smart, an all-in-one mobile system that facilitates communication and collaboration among two or more people. For user flexibility the ListenTALK system provides

Tour guide system rental

Listen Technologies Tour Systems

Make Yourself Heard Available for purchase only (no rental packages), the Listen LS series offers portable communication from Listen Technologies. With options for both basic one-way (ListenPortable72) or advanced two-way (ListenTALK) communication, Listen Technologies offers the reliability and flexibility you need.


RealWear Assisted Reality

New! Connect with TourGuide Solutions’ first hands-free, mobile computing device from RealWear.  Ideal for industrial and/or mobile environments, RealWear makes it easy for teams to communicate  and follow digital workflow.  Applications include service, training, site walks, and accessing digital workflow processes. Device options include the standard HMT-1 and the intrinsically safe HMT-1Z1®.

Sennheiser 2020 TourGuide System Headset Microphone ME 3 II

Systems Accessories

NEW! We now make browsing and ordering tour equipment accessories easy. Feel free to buy online or contact us at 877-204-0225 or for system or special order inquiries.