Listen Technologies Tour Systems

Make Yourself Heard

The Listen LS series is budget-friendly solution for training and tour events. Available for purchase only (no rental packages), the Listen LS series offers portable communication with great sound quality. This is a reliable starting point for organizations that wish to ensure their employees and visitors understand every word.

  • Easy to use and maintain
  • Rechargeable
  • Add unlimited receivers to a single transmitter

Standard delivery includes 7- or 15-packages

  • 1 RF display transmitter (72 or 216 MHz)
  • 1 behind-the-head microphone
  • 7 or 15 RF receivers
  • 7 or 15 over-the-ear speakers
  • Carrying case with built-in charger
  • High capacity AA batteries
  • Limited lifetime warranty

The Listen series system works well both indoors and out and is appropriate for a wide range of tour applications. It can also be used for employee training, language translation and for auditory assistance in houses of worship or performance venues. Sanitize ear speakers with alcohol spray or distribute new, inexpensive headphones for every user.