Below are frequently asked questions, you may find the answer already here!

What tour guide systems are available from TourGuide Solutions?

TourGuide Solutions always has equipment in-stock and ready to ship. Featured product lines include: Sennheiser 2020 (wireless, plant tours), Williams Sound Digi-wave (two-way, training), Listen Technologies (budget-friendly, training) and TGS-900 (tourism, walking tours).

What items are included in the Sennheiser 2020 Tour Guide System?

The standard delivery package for the Sennheiser 2020 includes one wireless handheld microphone or one body pack transmitter with headworn microphone, 20 lightweight stethoset receivers and one carrying case with integrated charging bay. Flexible options available.

What items are included in the Williams Sound System Tour Guide System?

The standard delivery package for the Williams Sound Digi-Wave includes 12 transceivers with chargers, 12 headset microphones, 12 silicone skins and 1 carrying case. Flexible options available.

What items are included in the TGS-900 Tour Guide System?

The standard delivery package for the TGS-900 includes one compact, lanyard-worn transmitter (built-in lithium ion batteries), one over-the-head microphone or one wireless microphone, 20 compact lanyard worn receivers (built-in lithium ion batteries), 20 standard stereo headphones, one soft-sided carrying case, and one drop-in charging tray with 24-slots. Flexible options available.

What if I need more or less tour headsets than what is included in the standard delivery package?

No problem, we can customize the number of headsets receivers or transmitters to accommodate any tour group size.

In which countries can I use TourGuide Solutions?

We have options, such as the TGS-900, that can be used across the world without frequency issues. Other systems will have frequency requirements based on where it is being used.

What systems are available in your rental kits?

Our Sennheiser 2020, TGS-900 and ListenTALK systems are available in rental packages. Contact us for help choosing the right system and configuration for your tour group or special event.

What items are included in my rental kit?

Depending on your tour format and number of guests, you will receive the tour guide transmitter(s), headset receivers and the integrated charging unit(s).

How quickly can I get a tour guide system rental or purchase?

TourGuide Solutions always has equipment in stock and can ship overnight in as little as one day within the United States.

Can we have multiple tour guides?

We recommend the Listen Technologies ListenTALK or Williams Sound Digi-wave product lines when you need two-way, collaborative communications. With ListenTALK or Digi-Wave, your tour can be led by up to two guides or interpreters. Plus, guests can ask a question or interact with other tour members with just the push of a button.

Another option would be to order the Sennheiser 2020 or TGS-900 with the microphone transmitter. These are one-way systems, but the microphone can be passed around to multiple tour guides or attendees to speak or ask questions.