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Set up your wireless tour guide system - Step 1
Remove your stethoset receivers from your compact charger case.
Set up your wireless tour guide system - Step 2
Give the members of your tour a comfortable, wireless stethoset receiver while you control the transmitter.
Set up your wireless tour guide system - Step 3
Take your audience through a tour while enjoying the exceptional sound quality of your new Sennheiser Wireless Tour Guide System.

At TourGuide Solutions, a Baycom subsidiary, we strive to make your equipment and service experience easy on you. Our audio tour and conference solutions bring crystal clear sound and are easy to use, ensuring that nothing gets in the way of your PERFECT presentation. You can be sure that what you say is what your audience will REMEMBER.

Watch one of our experts show you the Sennheiser 2020 system and how quickly you can be ready for your next tour.


"This morning we gave a tour to 56 people. Thanks for the great support."
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"Thank you so very much for your quick action, it is very much appreciated. The fact that you were able to have the equipment to us one day after order was absolutely awesome. Thank you for the quick response and the quick shipment."
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"Thank you for all of your help and coming down to Denton and facilitating the tour. The tour was flawless and the Baycom Tourguide system was outstanding. The fact that we were able to give a simultaneous tour of 240 people without any interference was outstanding. I can't tell you how happy we are with Baycom and the Baycom Tourpack. The executives were so impressed with the tour that they have decided to make the Peterbilt Denton Plant the flagship for plant tours. You can't put a price on a comment from one of the executives telling me how outstanding the tour and the tour equipment was. "
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"The equipment arrived today. Thank you for the great service. I will highly recommend you to our other John Deere plants. The system is awesome."
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"You have been awesome to work with in the past, and I have no doubt you will take good care of our tour equipment needs again. I look forward to working with you on yet another high profile event here at Kenworth."
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"The headsets were great! Thanks again for all of your help… I'm sure we'll be talking again as our execs really love the system! "
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"We really appreciate your ability to get us the tourguide systems quickly. Great focus on the customer! "
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"The tour went great, they really liked the system. I received a lot of praise for having found your system and getting it here so fast ------ Thank You. You can feel free to give out my number and email to anyone who wants a customer reference on what great service you give and what a great product the Baycom Tourpack is. Again, I can't thank you enough! You saved the day, made me look good, and you have one very happy customer!!!!! "
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"The tourguide system worked EXCELLENT. Thank you very much for your help in this matter. It was a pleasure doing business with you "
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"Thank you for the outstanding customer service you provided today. "
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